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Automatic Litter Box Engineered to inhibit Toxoplasmosis Gondii

Safest automatic litter box for pregnant women &

cat owners concerned about Toxoplasmosis.

Got a Query/Idea/Suggestion?

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Prior Lake, MN, USA

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Catboxpro™ 8 Jets Flush System Beta

22 sold

SKU: Gen 2

$189.95 Price

Catboxpro™ 8 Jet Flush System Fully Automatic Litterbox that Inhibits Toxoplasma gondii Beta Tester Release

Expect 3 - 6 months from order to delivery.


As a beta tester for the Catboxpro, you will receive the Catboxpro Unit and a connection kit to go along with your unit. A free production model will be sent out to everybody who ordered before 7-1-2020. 


Size: 14" X 24" X 5"


Purchase includes:

1 x - Catboxpro™ 
1 x - Connection Kit 
1 x - Instructions Manual


Shipping price is not included.


Made in USA

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