Catboxpro™ 8 Jets Flush System

Catboxpro™ 8 Jets Flush System

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Catboxpro™ 8 Jet Flush System Fully Automatic Litterbox that Inhibits Toxoplasma gondii Beta Tester Release


Expect 3 - 6 months from order to delivery.


As a beta tester for the Catboxpro, you will receive invitations to an online survey about your thoughts and insights to make the Catboxpro better. You will also receive a coupon code for a free Catboxpro once we rollout our updated version in a couple years. 


Size: 14" X 24" X 5"


Purchase includes:

1 x - Catboxpro™ 
1 x - Connection Kit 
1 x - Instructions Manual


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  • Return Policy

    Returns for the Catboxpro Beta are accepted for the first 90 days after delivery. Free shipping for all returns. Please contact us as soon as you wish to return the Catboxpro Beta.